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Oct 15, 2012

YOUTUBE How government deletes TRUTH - 3 basic tactics

Illuminati's agenda to complete the suppression of ALL TRUTH videos, that now survives only at YouTube owned by angelic Google:
2013 December - "France Wants To Tax YouTube And Facebook Videos" (0).
FaCIAbook alias Facebook and tax on smartphones used also in headlines as diversion from the real target, YouTube's policy of free speech.

Reminder from Oct 2012:
How illuminati delete the TRUTH from angelic YOUTUBE exposed - 3 *basic tactics *
1. Eliminate the person who created the youtube account, after forcing the person to reveal the password (1)
The illuminati might close the account or purge it. In this case they might go as far as after the purge to continue to upload videos to the same account, the new videos of course with disinformation on the same subjects as the real owner did.
Note that angelic Google had YouTube keep record of what the title was if you embed it in a html page, as evidence of the crime.

2. Force YouTube to remove the video using the "copyright" argument. This is used for anything broadcasted in their media that must be later censored.
Example: the first video evidence that were no planes on 911, from a report in Shanksville. (2) 

3. Buy, fine or blackmail the owner of the YouTube account.
Example: videos of 911 eyewitness showing the second WTC explosion, proving there was NO plane. (3)

(0) In order to finance the "culture industries' digital transition," France's Culture Ministry believes Facebook and YouTube should be included in the so-called "Culture Tax" that movie theaters and broadcasters currently pay. The argument is that these sites have become "professional" content providers of video-on-demand serives. But, not content in taxing our leisure time, Bloomberg Businessweek reports the French are considering taxing individual use of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices capable of accessing movies, music, or other media content. A "painless" 1% sales tax imposed on these items is expected to raise EUR 86 million annnually.

(1) Keith Ratliff, icon for the second amendment, murdered behind closed doors January 8 2013, didn't reveal the password. 
Manager of FPS RUSSIA, 3rd most popular youtube channel, over 500 million views, one of the last resisters against illuminati's final assaults on the second amendment.

(2) Shanksville sink hole not dark at all - See video link at:

(3) 911 Eyewitnesses - praticability of having CNN bosses telling us they saw "planes" while eliminating testimonies and real footage of real eyewitnesses

Dec 31, 2015 - Illuminati forced YouTube to remove the Qasioun YouTube channel, deleting 100s of videos from 4 years of nazi war crimes and freedom fighters resisiting against all odds in Syria

See analogy to type #1 in Imposters impersonate murdered resisters, from the current "Prince William" to the current "Putin":

How youtube was named: literal tubes, french figurative hit songs: two End Times Paradoxes

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